Solar Lights

A great alternative to diesel lighting towers

Brisbane Temporary Street Lighting

These solar lights can be used for Temporary street lighting, event lighting or construction lighting.

20190109_090547 Single light with Dimensions

The Volt Edge is a Brisbane based company with offices Australia wide, our solar lighting units are self charging and require no maintenance. If you are interested in Solar Lighting then give us a call, our lights are suitable for functions, road lighting and even security lighting all powered by the sun. As solar requires none of the problematic maintenance associated with diesel such as refueling and make no noise they are perfect for use in residential or remote areas.

Solar Lighting

  • The lights are easy to install, generally done with a hyab truck or a fork lift.
  • Equivalent to a street light.
  • Can be moved while energised.
  • Perfect for Street Refurbishment where existing street lighting has been removed.
  • Lighting units can be fitted with cameras that are movement activated to record video or photo’s for security reasons and we can work with our clients to customise specific site solutions.
Specs:        39 W LED supplied by a 205 W Photo Voltaic cell and 210 AH battery which is enough light for 4 days of heavy cloud.
Weight:      2,000 kG’s
Height:       6 M
Lumens:    1789 luminous and 5200 kelvin.
LED light extends out: 1.8M
Fork Lift:    Has fork lift cavities